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  Frequently Asked Questions

Q:Will there be more saint booklets available in the future?
A:We plan on adding more saints each year as funds allow. Our goal is to offer at least 4 years of Heroes in Heaven. A parish purchasing these four years will be able to rotate most children through and begin again. After four years in Heroes in Heaven a child will have learned about twenty saints, memorized twenty apologetic or virtuous Bible verses and created exciting crafts to remind them of their summers of Catholic fun!.

Q:How much time is needed to prepare for the Heroes in Heaven Program?
A:Allow yourself a month for the best results. With this time frame you can advertise easily in the church bulletin, gather appropriate craft supplies and prepare staff volunteers.

Q:Does the Heroes in Heaven program include all that I need to implement the program?
A:Heroes in Heaven has tried to keep the cost of the program at a minimal, therefore craft supplies and some teacher visuals will be needed.

Q:What else will I need for the program?
A:Basic art supplies like glue, markers etc. along with some recycled items from around the house, small Catholic items such as rosaries, stickers and medals for the treasure boxes. There are a few more items that will need to be prepared for the lessons about the lives of the saints. All lesson plans have a material list at the beginning each page.

Q:Why should I buy the Heroes in Heaven Catholic Vacation Bible School Program instead of a non-denominational one?
A:Heroes in Heaven has been designed to be 100% Catholic. Each activity is created to reinforce the virtues of the saints and the miracles of their lives. As Catholics it is important to take every opportunity to instill this concept of the Communion of Saints. These heavenly role models of our faith can give our children awesome examples to experience and see these abstract concepts of charity, sacrifice, contrition and many other things that can lead to a more devout Catholic life. Parents and churches need to help keep our kids Catholic. Heroes in Heaven will have your children singing songs about their Catholic faith and excited about the stories of the saints.

Q:What age group is Heroes in Heaven best suited for?
A:Heroes in Heaven has been created and tested on children ages 4 through 12. Adult volunteers even find themselves amazed at the lives of these Heavenly Heroes!



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